January 4, 2007

Another Teri Hatcher Bid for Publicity

I really dislike Teri Hatcher. I don’t know why. I didn’t watch Lois and Clark. I don’t’ watch Desperate Housewives. But something about this chick grates on my nerves like nails on a blackboard, or a screaming kid in WalMart. Maybe it’s her obvious desperation for any type of publicity, a la The Wee One, that makes me want to scratch her eyes out. Or maybe it's that her desperation wafts off her like body odor from that one person in the crowded elevator. Hmmm . . .
But here she is again. Not, this time, declaring what a hot mess her love life is (thank God for small favors). Not doing her finest bit of acting (in my opinion) by sucking face with Ryan Seacrest. And not appearing at an awards show dressed like some tranny hooker. No, today she is declaring that she will never marry again.
Yawn. Whatever. I’m already bored. You know women that say things like that, think of nothing but marriage. Women that really don’t care about getting married again are too busy to think about it.
After all, isn’t this the same woman that scared the Jeebus out of George Clooney after like one date and sent him running to the hills of Italy?

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