January 15, 2007

Bill Cosby is a Sexual Predator

Where there's smoke . . .
Just a few years ago, Bill Cosby was telling fellow African-Americans to take responsibility for themselves and their children. Quite a challenge, Mr. Cosby. And now I extend the same to you. Why don't you take responsibility for yourself? Far from being the venerable Cliff Huxtable, you have instead become more like Mike Tyson. You are a bully, Mr. Cosby. And you are a sexual predator.

When the first reports came out, I was hesitant to believe them. One person could be lying. One person could be seeking fifteen minutes of fame for a consensual event, or even a non-event. But how many women have to come forward before we take our rose colored glasses off and realize that "Cos" does not exist? Cliff Huxtable does not exist? Only William Henry Cosby is left . . . a man who despite all of his professional successes continues to suffer from forms of sexual misconduct.
The most recent case was settled in November 2006, for an undisclosed sum, after prosecutors declined to press charges against Cosby, due to a sufficient lack of evidence. They reportedly did not have what they felt was a "beyond a reasonable doubt" case. I'd be interested to know how many cases they prosecute that are 100% beyond a reasonable doubt. Certainly not all of them. Yet they choose to go forward anyhow. Maybe because those cases don't involve a celebrity.
I know The Cosby Show was a gem. I know the Cosbys have donated large sums of money to Spellman College. I know Cosby has received an honorary doctorate, and was awarded the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award. I know that the Cosby family suffered when son Ennis was murdered. But that is no excuse for Cosby's behavior and that is no excuse to give him special treatment, by electing not to prosecute him for something that a non-celebrity would quickly be jailed for. All we are teaching Cosby, and generations of impressionable children and teens, is that he can do whatever he wants, with little to no punishment because of who he is. Celebrity is more important than morals or than justice. We should have learned with O.J.
O.J. - who needs justice when you have football and celebrity?

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