January 10, 2007

Celebrity Requirement: Give Your Kid a Jacked Up Name

In keeping with celeb tradition, and attempting to buck their way out of C-list stardom, new parents David Charvet (who? oh yeah, Baywatch) and Brooke Burke (who?) have burdened their newborn daughter with the name Heaven Rain. While such a joke-inducing monikor would be better suited for Britney's new perfume, the new parents claim they chose the name Rain because "rain grows everything". Wow, but what pressure to put on a kid that's only days old. Further, a friend (i.e., mole) of Brooke's claims that Rain (as they are going to call her) "is an amazing baby, she almost never cries. She's very quiet." Pretty darn funny, when you consider this comment was made when the kid was a day old. Just wait until she gets old enough to realize how weird her name is. Then she'll be crying plenty.
I can't help it, but this name just makes me think of those Heaven series of books by V. C. Andrews.

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