January 10, 2007

The Cruise PR Camp Goes Into Overdrive

Since the soccer and football seasons have ended, and the "most amazing wedding EVAH" has taken place, what options are left for the master PR whiz, until the next Miracle Baby is announced? Announce that the Wee One and family are worried that Suri is in danger, of course! Brilliant PR strategy, if you really consider it. Keeps little Tom in the headlines and (hopefully) generates sympathy for the Family Cruise. Boo hoo, they can't even frolick around L.A., like "good friend" Brooke Shields does with her daughters. (Unless of course Vanity Fair should offer them another cover). An infamous source is quoted as saying "that child (Suri) is growing up inside a bubble . . ." A crazy-ass Scientology-inspired bubble.
As much as I deplore most of the obvious famewhore manuevers executed by Maverick, I have to say that I agree with this headline. Suri is indeed in danger. In danger of becoming a whacked out freak job like her ass clown parents.

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