January 24, 2007

Heather Mills is Worth $2,000 per Hour

Queen of the Golddiggers?

At least based upon the rumored $63 million settlement Paul McCartney is offering her. For four years of marriage, that equates to roughly $2,000 per hour of marriage.
Heather Mills, true to her apparently golddigging standards, has reportedly rejected the rumored offer. Is she crazy? It seems an ignorant question. Wouldn’t she have to be crazy to turn down that kind of settlement? For four years? Sir Paul is worth a reported nearly $1 billion but let’s be fair. He was worth that kind of money long before Heather Mills invaded his life, and he would have been worth that kind of money had she never entered his life. So is she worth that kind of money? Or is it worth that kind of money to get rid of her?
Perhaps $63 million is a small price to pay for Sir Paul to exorcise this blonde demon from his life. Maybe he just wants to move on, realizes he made a mistake and enjoy the rest of his life, melodrama-free. Could he possibly be hoping that by accepting such a financial offer not only will Heather go far, far away but she will leave their daughter at his doorstep as well? It’s a mystery.
I didn't sign a prenup?
On the other side of that coin, if Heather Mills isn’t crazy, but very, very clever, what if her claims about Sir Paul are true? What if she has some very serious, and very accurate, claims to hold over his head, that would tarnish the halo that the Brits have very gently placed there? Could Sir Paul be the alcoholic, verbally, emotionally and abusive bastard that Heather has claimed in her suspiciously leaked and well-timed court papers? Sure. But he could also sprout an excessive amount of body hair and sprout fangs at a full moon, after which he jumps on the Mother Ship with Xenu to join Tom Cruise for tea. It could happen.
I don’t know what Paul McCartney is like to live with. Only his wives and his children have known that. I’m sure he can be difficult. He’s been a super-celebrity for the majority of his adult life, and has been catered to in ways that most of us working class can’t comprehend. I don’t get the “abusive jerk” vibe from him. He seems as though he would be the exact opposite. And Heather Mills comes across, in my opinion, as someone who would be wearing the pants in the family. Frankly, I see Heather barking orders and Sir Paul meekly putting his head down and saying “yes, dear.” But of course I haven’t lived under the same roof with them.
The look of love
Maybe if Heather Mills wasn’t claiming to not be a golddigger, for this not to be about money, and yet rejecting every settlement offer that has of yet officially been offered, she wouldn’t look like the villain in this case. She started the race uphill from the starting line, going against a beloved icon. She would have been disliked, or even hated, by some, simply for “giving” Sir Paul a reason to file for divorce. But making these claims, true or not, has made her one of the, if not the, most hated woman in Britain. Whether they are true, false or exaggerated, why not settle? Sir Paul is not going to leave her destitute. She is the mother of his daughter, after all. How much money does she honestly need? Surely prosthetic legs aren’t that expensive.
Or does this have very little to do with the money, and more to do with making things as difficult and painful for Sir Paul as possible?
If sides must be chosen, I’m going with Team Macca. Despite all the claims being thrown at him, Sir Paul has remained quiet, dignified and has not resorted to the playground level of mudthrowing. While disappointing to gossips everywhere, it will only help him in court.
So is Heather Mills victim or villian? Misunderstood philanthropist or conniving manipulator? Loving wife or opportunist? Questions to think about. What I am sure about, however, is that she is not worth $2,000 per hour for her companionship.
How do you live on only $63 mil?

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