January 29, 2007

Katie Holmes Goes Mad

What would Joey Potter do?

Allegedly, that is. According to Julie Polkes, her official spokesho, the magnificent wife of The Wee One has elected to turn down reprising her bland role of Rachel Dawes in the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight, in favor of doing a movie with Queen Latifah (Mad Money) budgeted at a paltry $12 mil and paying her the change she drops at Barney's New York in under twelve months (i.e., $250,000) Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Call me jaded, bitter, whatever. I call B.S. on this story.
Is there a Barney's in Louisiana?
Firstly, the future third ex-wife of the Tiny Terror was contracted to reprise her role if the producers wanted her. Secondly, assuming they did, why on earth would she decline a role, no matter how small, in a guaranteed hit, in an established franchise, with a paycheck of reportedly $1 to $2 million to star in a possibly straight-to-DVD poverty row production? Nothing against Queen Latifah, I like her, but that's like choosing McDonald's when you can go to Morton's.
I will give the KateBot a small amount of credit, for at least having a spokesho that she doesn't share with the Tiny Terror, but I would hope that the new spokesho can do better than this. Are we really expected to believe that after all the negative feedback KateBot generated for her dismal performance as a D.A. (snicker, snicker), in addition to the grievances the producers apparently had for the shameless promotion of the Tom and Katie Show, versus Batman Begins, that she would be asked back? And I think her promotion of her new "man" and his film (War of the Worlds) is what got her that old pink slip.
Do I expect for the KateBot and her rep to admit that she was canned? Of course not. Evenly the mentally vacant Bot has an ego bigger that the size of her diminutive spouse. But to claim that she declined the role because she wanted to explore a different character and because of "scheduling conflicts" (the "something suddenly came up" in Hollywood talk) is nothing but double talk.
Mad Money, as of right now, is in pre-production and scheduled to being shooting in March. In Louisiana. We'll see if the KateBot is unlocked from the Cruise Compound long enough to be allowed to film and let her spouse get his groove on (while the cat's away . . .) Will she take Suri with her on location? Yeah . . . and the Wee One will be playing a gay's rights activist in his next movie.
Katie's highest paying acting gig: Mrs. Cruise

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