January 16, 2007

My Golden Globe Picks

The best part of any awards show, other than the big awards, of course, is who wore what - - and who totally did an assy job on their fashion pick! So here are my Top Five Good, Top Five Bad and Top Five Shamefully Ugly, with their own posts:


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. I know she probably spent 12 hours in a makeup chair, but she looks good here. And I actually love the dress. Well done. Skeletor actually looks like half-alive and wait . . .is that color I see in his skin?

Drew Barrymore. Newly single and she’s absolutely glowing in pink. Drew wasn't nominated but this is what a winner looks like.

Jennifer Hudson. Lovely in midnight blue, she's not trying too hard and knowing she's not a size zero, but being proud of that, wearing something to flatter her curves, not make them monstrous (yes, you, Beyonce).

Helen Mirren. Beautiful dress, stunning color and Globe winner Ms. Mirren looks phenomenal. She could definitely teach a thing or two to ladies half her age.

Kate Winslet. I love Kate Winslet. Whatever she wears is gold and this white column dress is no exception. I love Kate Winslet.

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