January 10, 2007

Paris Proves Her Head Isn't the Only Thing on Empty

Doesn't Bentley Motors have some sort of IQ requirement for purchasing their cars? Shouldn't they? They would be out a Hilton paycheck, but we would have one less ditzy, dumb-as-a-post driver on the road. So last Friday, the airheaded heiress was caught by photogs as she ran out of gas in L.A. I would imagine because she has no idea what the "E" means. I guess if you pay nearly $200,000 for a car, it should be able to drive itself to Shell and fill itself up? No such luck, Ms. Hilton. Instead, Parisite called her trusty assistant to bring her a gallon of gas and fill her up. I have to wonder. Is Paris really this stupid? Or is she much, much smarter than we're giving her credit for?

Bentley Motors. The choice for wealthy dumb blondes everywhere.

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