January 28, 2007

Scott Baio Goes to Plan B

Scott Baio: Great American Writer?

Following in the questionably illustrious footsteps of Janice Dickinson, Scott Baio has decided to kickstart his ailing career by penning a tell-all, humorously titled "BaioWatch: How I Dated and Loved Hollywood's Most Beautiful Women and Ended Up Alone".

Forever Chachi
Called me biased, but this is the same actor that I used to buy Tiger Beat for. I used to watch Happy Days simply to see Chachi. When I was eleven, I sent him a birthday card, with my hard earned chore money. I knew (from hours reading Tiger Beat naturally) that his favorite car was the Ford Thunderbird (it was the 70s) and being Italian, he loved Italian food. I spent hours dreaming of being Mrs. Scott Baio and doodling his initials with mine on my notebooks. I even watched Joanie Loves Chachi - a true showing of devotion if ever there was one.
Now Scott has decided to put pen to paper and air the dirty laundry of his failed relationships. Not talk of his career, which did span quite a few decades and not too shabby considering the fickleness of Hollywood. (Where is Greg Evigan of B.J. and the Bear fame, or Larry Wilcox from CHiPs or Tom Wopat from Dukes of Hazard? Point made.)
I'm not sure if Scott's point is to make this a humorous tome or a very self-depricating one. Sure, maybe from our standpoint it's pretty funny that while losing his virginity to Joanie, he was penetrating the sofa cushion, rather than Joanie, but she may not find it quite so humorous to remember. And I distinctly remember hearing that while dating Pamela Anderson, Scott gave her a gift of floormats for her car. Maybe that was just a nasty rumor, but if true, that may well have more to do with why their relationship failed, rather than the fact that she decided to get implants. And Liza Minnelli? Really? Liza Minnelli wanted his Italian sperm? Yikes. No wonder he has yet to marry. That has gotta scar you in some way.
I never expected that Scott Baio - -my Tiger Beat Scott Baio, what I considered future husband material at 10 - - would sell out. Yeah, it's been a long time since Charles in Charge. And yeah, Scott is turning 46 this year and he's C list Hollywood at best (even with that stint on Arrested Development). But doesn't Hollywood love a comeback story? And isn't it about time for Scott to plan his comeback - - former teen heartthrob becomes a serious, well-respected actor? Love. It. It could work. But maybe not if he's dishing dirt on his exes.
That being said, I am totally reading this book when it comes out.
The recipient of my preadolescent lust


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I was never expecting that Scott Baio would do the same that you are talking about in the end. I am pretty sure that there are few reason which are being observed.