January 4, 2007

The Wee One is a Cheap Bastard

One thing I cannot stand in my shallow-minded world is a cheap rich person. You know the type. The fur-laden woman wearing a diamond worth more than your annual income times two, holding up the line at Kmart, because the trash bags rang up at $5.99 instead of $5.96. And then smiling smugly as she gets into her BMW or her Mercedes because she saved those three pennies, people!!Obviously the Wee One revels in such assy moves himself. Exhibit A. The Cruises' alleged Christmas, oh excuse me, holiday, card. If this is for real, I must admit that I have not seen this type of homespun do-it-yourself artwork since kindergarten. Couldn’t the diminutive man who dropped 10Gs on a steak dinner have afforded to at least hit up Papyrus for some decent cards? Or out of that $3 or $4 million he was rumored to have spent on the contract signing in Italy, couldn’t he have slipped a hundred out of the pot and scheduled a sit down photography session at JCPenney? We all know how much the Wee One loves having his picture taken (provided that he girdled up some of that girth first, of course). And let’s not forget Katie/Kate, the future ex-Mrs. Cruise. The Wee One rhapsodized himself silly over how “artistic” Katie/Kate was with ribbons and how she was going to do all that ribbony and flowery stuff for the contract signing. Guess that fell by the wayside, since Katie/Kate was apparently so busy at Barney’s. But didn’t she have time in her busy shoe shopping schedule to bust out that artistic side of her (yeah, I know, we have yet to see it, in crafts, or in film) and send out some artsy-fartsy, ribbony cards? Instead, we allegedly have this masterpiece of craptastic crafty proportions. Cheap paper. Uneven edges. Lacking in any kind of sentiment. “Happy Holidays”? That’s it? No “Hope your holidays are amazing!”? No photo included? Disappointing.

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