February 12, 2007

Holy Sundays are Back!

Happy days all around the PS household! Holy Sundays have returned! That's right, it's NASCAR time again. Time for Sundays to be ruled by the race start-time. Time to hear "gentlemen, start your engines!" Time for Jeff Gordon to cry about losing the race because of someone, anyone, else. Time for Tony Stewart to get hot until the collar. Time for a new Cinderella story. Time to watch some serious rednecks come out of the woodwork. Ah, nothing says Sunday at the racetrack quite like a longhaired redneck, sporting a beer belly and a Lynrd Skynrd concert t-shirt.

The best driver out there

In important NASCAR news, Matt Kenseth will debut an overhauled Busch series car, showing off new sponsor Arby's. Go, Matt, go!

Matt's new Arby's Busch series car

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