February 8, 2007

Idle Chatter

A friend of PARIS HILTON has a sex tape. That she didn't know about. That was sold without her permission. That she is going to sue to stop. Bitch, please. Let's not go through this again. Didn't we learn with Paris? Let's quit making celebrities of spoiled, wealthy, talentless people who have sex on film.

WTF is up with MICHELLE WILLIAMS? I can understand and respect privacy. HOWEVER . . . if you don't want people to ask about a big-ass honking diamond on your all-important finger, why would you wear it out to a fashion show in New York City? This comes months after Michelle successfully shut down a website for her fans, by her fans, because she didn't want her picture out there and she doesn't care about her fans. Fine by me. Maybe Little Miss "I started my career on a crappy WB teen show" would like to sink back into relative obscurity, shop at the local Walmart and forgo any fashion shows or awards shows? Didn't think so.

MISCHA BARTON reportedly dumps her hirsute rocker boyfriend CISCO ADLER. His camp says no way. Her camp confirms today that she has indeed parted ways with him. Sounds like someone needs to check his voicemail. The rumor mill says it's because of the nude picture of him and his low hangers found in Paris Hilton's storage locker. Could be. It could also be because he appears not have taken a shower since sometime in the 90s.

In yet another desperate ploy for media play, TERI HATCHER conveniently forgets her statements last year wherein she admitted to suffering from little pricks (of Botox, that is) in order to keep her, ahem, youthful appearance. Now Ms. Hatcher is claiming that she never used Botox or has had any type of cosmetic surgery. Apparently, Botox is "permanent" according to Ms. Hatcher. Something her memory evidently is not.

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