February 21, 2007

John Travolta: Still an Undercover Brother for Scientology?

For months and months now, J.T. has remained mum on all things Scientology. In fact, he's rarely been seen in public this last year, leading to speculation and hope that he's forsaken Scientology's roots.
Insert deep sigh and shake head here, because it appears that J.T. isn't nearly as divorced from Scientology as hoped.
In the wake of Anna Nicole Smith's sad end, J.T. has jumped on the "let's capitalize on her death" bandwagon, telling Extra that Scientology's Narcanon program would have helped her. Okay, maybe so but isn't this like closing the barn door after the cow gets out? Seriously, I'm waiting for him to announce next that Narcanon could have helped Elvis and Jim Belushi too. It will do about as much good.
J.T., if you were really so concerned about Anna Nicole, did you ever call her up while she was still alive? Did you offer to help? Not that the poor woman needed more troubles in the likes of Scientology (although her financial potential and diminished mental and emotional capacity made her a perfect Scientology target) but surely you get where I'm going.
Is the Church of Scientology so desperate, and so despicable, that they will try to sell themselves over a dead woman's body? And why send J.T. in to do the dirty work? Was The Wee One too busy reaching his next OT level?
I don't know what's more depressing - - the fact that J.T. would stoop to suggest that Anna Nicole would still be alive had she been hailing Xenu, or that he's still very firmly enmeshed with and pushing Scientology.
I want to believe he's searching for an escape hatch. I do, I do . . .
Flying the friendly skies of Scientology

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