February 1, 2007

Lana's Hit Her Expiration Date

Overstayed her welcome?

Today it’s Thursday, a day of major importance in our household. It’s Smallville night. Come 8:00 p.m. a sense of reverence descends the PS household, as we anxiously await for the formerly WB now CW network to cue up Clark Kent, et al.
I only began watching this show within the last year. I assumed it was a teen soap, along the lines of The O.C., only with Clark Kent taking center stage. While it did revolve primarily around teen characters, at least in the first couple of seasons, Smallville is a smart and addictive show. Until they get to Lana.
I understand that Lana is Clark’s boyhood crush, the ideal girl that everyone wanted in high school but only the a-hole jock got. The pretty girl who didn’t realize she was that pretty, who was actually fairly intelligent and nice. The girl that everyone liked, the girl you couldn’t hate, even if you really, really wanted to. So Clark pined away for the oblivious Lana for several seasons, before Lana noticed what the rest of us did. Clark is pretty hot. They finally got together during college and a legion of Smallville fans swooned. It was perfect. Too perfect to last. And also, not least importantly, going against Clark Kent’s comic book history. They had to break up - - so they did, with Clark deciding that he couldn’t be totally honest with Lana about his powers, his ability, his “visitor from another planet” status. Truthfully, I couldn’t really understand this. Chloe knows about Clark and rather than freaking her out, if anything, this shared secret has made them better friends. I assume Clark didn’t think so with Lana. He broke it off with her and then moped around like a lovesick puppy. No sympathy here. Lana, seemingly overnight, went from a determined, self-possessed young woman into a sniveling, whiny mess. Worse, she went directly into Clark’s future arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor’s arms. As a bit of a sidenote, I’ve always liked Lex. Maybe it’s his nature of taking whatever he wants, or perhaps it’s actor Michael Rosenbaum’s take on Lex, but rather than disliking him, I’ve always found him exciting. Up until he took up with Lana and her kiss of death, that is. Lately, all he does is run around looking for Lana, worrying about Lana. Lana is consistently stuck in a mode of “woe is me”. Her only emotions appear to be worry, fear and confusion, with a bit of apology thrown in for good measure. Exactly why is she here? And why would Clark Kent ever waste his time on such an annoying mess? I don't care for Lois, but even she is preferable to the insufferable Lana.
Tom Welling is a good actor, perfect in appearance and demeanor for Clark. His chemistry with Lana faded a long time ago. It's time to cut the cord and send Lana to Star City or Metropolis, for a permanent stay. Hopefully when she's gone, Lex will find his snarky backbone again and get back to the business of being a true Luther.
And what for Clark? I would love to see him with Chloe. She has stuck by him for years, through thick and thin, and has been desperately in love with him. Sure, she's dating Jimmy Olson now and Jimmy seems like a swell guy, but can he seriously compete with Clark? And do he and Chloe truly have the underlying chemistry, that sizzle right beneath the surface, that Clark and Chloe do? Didn't think so.
I know the show is setting up the premise for Clark to be unrequitedly in love with Lois, but what can he find attractive about this buttinsky with a propensity for getting into trouble? Lois was a better match with Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow.
Speaking of which, the best Smallville episode in a long, long while was the one where the Justice League was formed. Please, please, please bring Oliver and company back. They inject the show with an excitement it's otherwise missing and great humor. They give Clark cohorts and show Chloe at her investigative finest. Imagine all the storyline potential when you have Superman, the Green Arrow, the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg all in one city. To quote Katie Holmes, "Amazing!"
The future of Smallville

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