February 12, 2007

The RoboBride Takes Fugly to a New Level


Another weekend, another TomKat post. What can I say? The Terrible Twosome do not disappoint.
So little party animals that they are, the Wee One and his RoboBride hit the Grammy party. And all I can figure is that the dazed and dumbed-down wife of Maverick must have thought a Grammy party meant to dress like someone's grammy because she looks older than dirt! Seriously. The girl isn't even 30 and she looks like she should be attending Bingo . . . or someone's funeral. Norma Desmond wouldn't even attempt this get-up. The unpleasant dark circles under the eyes are back, along with the ratty, unkempt hair and makeup-free face. What's up with this? She wears what appears to be five pounds of concealer and a genuine smile to the fashion shows and shows up to an A-list event looking like she just came from praying to the porcelain god. As a 90 year old. Wearing a window treatment. That she's just lifted from a Kmart clearance bin.
And as his significant other continues to age before our very eyes, Maverick himself . . . well . . . his smile is getting bigger. So much so that any bigger and I think he may swallow his own chin(s). Was he always this toothy? And shiny? And . . . flushed?
Is this the effect of Tom Cruise? To drain you of color and fashion sense? To take the youth, and verbal ability, right out from under you? If so, Nicole Kidman escaped by her pointy chin.
The crazy and the beard: who's wearing more makeup?

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Anonymous said...

Looks like she borrowed her grandma's Dalmatian coat. I'm calling PETA.