February 23, 2007

Suri Lives!

The scene: LAX. Where the celebrities mingle with the "little people".
The time: Reportedly, yesterday.
The person: The alleged product of the amaaaaaazing love shared by The Little General himself (thanks to BG over at Free Katie for the appropriate nickname) and his dazed RoboBride, the previously elusive Suri.

Nah, this doesn't seem planned at all, does it? After all, if you are a celebrity who claims to want privacy for your child, it's only natural that you should follow up your Vanity Fair cover spread and over hyped and over saturated Italian fake nuptials with something as discreet and undercover as a jaunt to LAX. After all, the only place in LA you might find more media is The Ivy or Britney Spears' rehab location.
How fortunate that this pic was snapped on the very weekend that The Little General will be presenting the Jean Hersholt Award Sunday night. How very convenient that this will assure that The Little General (or an extension of him) will be in the papers all weekend.
If nothing else, the Cruise camp continues to be consistent in their hypocrisy.
Suri: The Future of Scientology?

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