March 3, 2007

American Idol Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Talent

A.J. and Nick - The men who depart

Alaina and Leslie - The women who depart

How else to explain the ongoing travesty happening with those phone lines?
I missed the men's performances earlier this week but from the recaps, Nick has a decent voice, but just no exploding personality. So I guess his boot was no surprise. A.J., however, from his recap and his sing-off, showed some serious talent and ability. Did he really deserve to be sent packing before Sanjaya? Obviously Sanjaya didn't think so, he looked absolutely floored to be deemed safe. And I really can't dislike him, because he seems to know that he's out of his league. Unlike some people (ahem, Antonella).
Alaina's boot was a week overdue. I really think she should have been shown the door last week, instead of Amy, who was bland but didn't have a bad voice. Further confirmation of the decision to boot Alaina was her piss-poor attitude. Look, missy, if you want to be a performer, you had better learn to take criticism. Being smarmy and making snarky little remarks to Simon like "nice" or "clever" isn't going to get you anywhere. Back to the deli for you.
Far and away the most ridiculous showing of "talent" continues to be Toilet Photographing, War Memorial Defacing and Disgracing Jersey Girl Antonella. Come on, America. Vote this ho off already so she can go do her Playboy spread or take her role on The Sopranos as a stripper on a pole at Tony's club. Because we all know that's what she's truly destined for. Chick cannot sing. Period. Plain and simple. I don't care so much about the trashy pictures, it shows the girl has a serious lack of common sense and no taste, but isn't American Idol supposed to be about talent? Singing talent? Antonella possesses very little as a singer. Her last two performances have been cringe-inducing audio abuse and she's even been harshly criticized by Randy, Paula and Simon. And yet she's still safe? Who is voting for her? Horny teenage boys? Do they even watch American Idol? All I can figure is that Antonella's mob-looking father is threatening people to vote for his little girl, or she's being kept on because of all the publicity. Either way, it's unfair to the people up there who are talented. Like Leslie. While not my favorite, she can sing and she deserved to stick around longer than Aerosmith-butchering Antonella.
And did anyone catch the look of total shock and surprise when Antonella thought Ryan was going to tell her that her number was up? And the reference to Jennifer Hudson? Unbelievable. She is actually delusional enough to think that she's talented (never mind being anywhere near as talented as Jennifer Hudson) and staying on because of it? Bitch, please. You're riding for free now but eventually you're going to pay the piper and when you do, it will be sweet justice.

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