March 15, 2007

American Idol: Sanjaya is a Piñata and Melinda is the Favorite

Sanjaya sets himself up for a beating and Brandon says goodbye
Has American Idol always been this obvious and this cruel? Are TPTB tweaking the vote count so they can keep poor little Sanjaya around to constantly put him in the bottom of the barrel, dragging out the suspense, making the audience and the viewers hate him because he is taking the place of an accomplished singer? Why don't they just string him up, hang him from the AI ceiling and let the judges and the audience smack him with a stick and see what falls out? Honestly, what is wrong with these people? The judges do nothing but criticize him, and act offended because Sanjaya isn't getting voted off, but didn't the judges originally give him the pass to come on the show? If he's so horrible, if he's being outsung by the other contestants (which he is), if he consistently turns in a dreadful performance, exactly what does that say about the judges? That maybe they aren't selecting candidates solely on singing ability, but on possible marketability and press for the show?
And can American Idol be any more obvious that they want Melinda to win? I'll admit, girlfriend can sing. Girlfriend can sing hard and well. Out of this group, she probably has the best set of pipes up there - - and the judges never let us forget it. Is it really necessary for Randy, Paula and Simon to nonstop praise her after every single performance? Did Paula really need to cry after Tuesday night's sing? Melinda was good, but enough to make you cry? I guess, if you're on the sauce. And notice that during Diana Ross', I'm sorry, Miss Ross', meetings with the singers, it was only Melinda that gave her goosebumps. Now, I know there's editing going on, and obviously they edited out any advice Miss Ross gave to Melinda, while leaving in the advice she gave out (and quite well) to the others. Very sly, Idol. Notice that during Miss Ross' live performance last night, she walked over to the group of 12 (soon to be 11) and only put her arm around Melinda. Listen, Idol, if you want Melinda to win, just send the other peeps home and declare her the winner. That would be almost as discreet and lowbrow as your episodic praising and pimping of her is. And as much as I like Melinda (I do) and think she's a wonderfully talented singer, is she seriously still all shocked and amazed that people think she's a good singer? Is this modesty act for real, or is it just an act? Stay tuned.
Note to American Idol producers: not cool to cut out Brandon's final sing off. Schedule your time better.
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