March 14, 2007

Heroes - This Close to Dropping the Bomb - Goes on Hiatus

Firstly, I love this show and they just continue throwing curveballs our way. What's not to love when your main characters can fly, heal, time travel, read minds and erase minds, among others. I don't know how I'm going to make it for 6 more weeks without a dose of Heroes. What was NBC thinking with taking a break at such a crucial time? That is my major beef with the show - - and well, maybe a few other things.
As much as I love Ando and Hiro together, the ease with which Ando apparently got his job as security in Linderman's building was stretching it, even for Heroes standards. Surely Linderman hasn't gotten as far in the underhanded business as he has without doing a basic background check. And would Ando really be given the keys to the Linderman office after something like two weeks on the job? I am so relieved that Hiro finally has that damn sword, since he was really turning into a drag without it.
I used to think that Isaac was a promising Hero, but now I'm thinking he may well be one of the characters that Tim Kring was referring to when he said that not everyone would be back for Season 2. He shot Simone and he's back on the junk - - although the rolled back eyes still freaks me out.
The Niki/Jessica storyline has gotten stale. It was interesting at first, but . . . it's getting tiresome seeing Niki whining in a mirror and Jessica proving what a bad ass she is by mouthing off to Niki and bringing on the bitch in general. Micah always claimed that he could tell the difference between his mom and Jessica, so why hasn't he noticed that it's Jessica in the house and not Niki? It's a mystery. And surely D.L. has a good idea what's up . . . and where has his storyline been lately? I think he needs to send Hiro off with his trusty sword to find it and save it.
So Nathan's been working with the Feds? Shifty! And Linderman knows all about Nathan's powers, Peter's powers and the fact that there are others like them? Is Linderman the Big Cheese, the mastermind behind all their powers? Or is he Nathan and Peter's biological father? Did Linderman and Mama Petrelli do the horizontal mambo?
So Peter goes looking for Mohinder, who finally got an inkling that Zane wasn't really Zane but the sociopathic Sylar? Thank God! I think we all knew that Mohinder was making a big ass mistake by not shooting Sylar's crazy ass when he had a chance. Hasn't he watched t.v. or seen movies? Doesn't he know that by waiting to kill the enemy so that you can launch into a melodramatic monologue to explain things to the enemy who really doesn't give a rat's ass anyhow is just giving the enemy time to weasel out of the situation and make your hesitant ass pay? Sheesh. That being said, I do like Mohinder though. He's got a great voice and absolutely beautiful skin and who will narrate next season if he's left nailed to the ceiling?
As soon as Peter showed up at Mohinder's digs and saw the overturned furniture, he should have beat a hasty retreat, or at least gone invisible, but last we saw, Sylar had him pinned to the wall and was busy cutting into his head. The good news in this is that Peter's bangs appear to be gone. I'm not counting him out yet though - - Peter picks up on others' powers so I'm assuming that he can at least match Sylar at his own game (not to mention heal fairly quickly via Claire's powers).
So Mama Petrelli knows all about Claire and she's the one issuing orders to the Haitian that overrule Mr. Bennett? Interesting turn of events. Maybe the Haitian can not only erase memory but fly faster than a 747 since he beat Claire to New York, without a passport or ticket. And what will happen to Mr. Bennett? He's still a bit of a gray character (is he good? is he evil?) but I hope they don't kill him off, or get rid of him - - he provides an interesting balance to the show. And he and Matt Parkman have a great chemistry working together. I knew as soon as the cell phone didn't bark a la Mr. Muggles that the crazy Morphing Woman had taken over as Mrs. Bennett. Where is Mrs. Bennett? Where is Mr. Muggles? Morphing Woman definitely needs to go. She's annoying, she's cocky, she's arrogant - - I think she can out-bitch on wheels Jesus Christ Cruise himself. Send her the way of the Wireless Woman, who seems to have disappeared into thin air. But keep the Bennetts around. Claire is the most interesting Hero and storylines centering around her and her family so far have been the show's best. And for heaven's sake, bring back Mr. Muggles. I think he may be the key to saving the world.

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