March 13, 2007

Jenny on the Chopping Block?

According to those various, shady "sources", the marriage of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez is on its shaky, last legs. While the rumblings of marital discord are no real surprise (this, her third marriage, is her longest to date, and we're talking not quite three years here) the rumored source of discord is beyond surprising. It's being said that the couple is squabbling in public due to J. Lo's desire to put career ahead of becoming a childbearing woman and her resistance to sign all the family assets over to the Church of Scientology. I have issues with both rumored reasons. First, J. Lo has long claimed the desire to be a babymama and I think it's laughable that Marc Anthony, with three legitimate children to his credit, would be pushing her to add more Anthonys to the family tree. Seriously, can you imagine what a happy day it is in their household when he's writing those child support checks? Secondly, J. Lo has admitted that her dad is a Scientologist and apparently has been for 20 years. Marc Anthony has always presented himself as a Catholic. Are we to believe that Jesus Christ Cruise's powers of persuasion were so strong during their two or three public outings that MA is going to go MIA in the Catholic Church and start singing his devotion to all things alien and Xenu? Hmmm, I'm thinking not. I think it's far more likely that J. Lo, with her paternal Scientology connection, her supposed best friend, Leah "My fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise's daughter is so much better looking than my fugly daughter" Remini and a career that has lost steam since the colossal Gigli bomb, would be open to the Church of Scientology's promises to resuscitate her life support-aided career and fertilize her pristine eggs.

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