April 6, 2007

American Idol: First True Upset of the Season, Gina Voted Off

In what surely will be the first of several shocking upsets this season, uber-rocker Gina was voted off the Idol Isle. Was there anyone who wasn't surprised? Haley obviously expected to go - - she was crying before Ryan announced who the lucky dog (in a nod to Nascar) would be. Jordin and Melinda looked stunned from the safety seats. Thankfully, we didn't have Haley's friends and family cheering, doing the wave or whatever that they did after Sligh's elimination last week.
With Gina's elimination, though, there seems to be a renewed dislike, even hatred, for Sanjaya, despite the fact that it was Haley on the seal with Gina and Haley taking that last seat. Is Sanjaya deserving of this enmity? Haley? Would Gina have ended up with the Idol crown? Not likely, with Melinda, Jordin and LaKisha as female competition. And the Idol judges did her no favors by tagging her as "The Rocker Chick", particularly when Gina primarily shone doing renditions of "I'll Stand by You". Yes, it was done by The Pretenders, but it certainly isn't along the lines of "Paint it Black", which I'm sure Mick Jagger regrets having any connection to after Gina butchered that song a few weeks back. And her performance of "Smile" last week, while a bit boring, was understated and showcased her voice in much better terms than Haley's performance last week. Sadly enough, Gina's singout of that same song was so emotional, so heartfelt that if she had sung that Tuesday, rather than her actual performance, she might have slipped into next week, and Carnival Cruises might have had a new employee in Haley.

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