April 16, 2007

Idol Recap: Wednesday, April 11 or Stretching Five Minutes into an Hour

1. Happy trails, Haley. It's been swell. We'll really miss the hot pants and stilettos. Well, not really. And why did you sing your exit song waaaaaay better than your Tuesday performance?

2. Chris R. in the bottom three? Seriously, how hard are the Idol producers pushing Chris?

3. Quite possibly the worst half-show Ford pimpomercial ever. Faces morphing? Come on, folks. If this is the best you can do, get some new blood in there.

4. Who is Akon and why is he performing?

5. Didn't Simon wear that same shirt yesterday? What's with all the gray?

6. I think Paula is drinking the same kind of Kool Aid that The Little General keeps Katie stoned on.

7. I didn't understand a word of what J. Lo was singing, but (don't shoot me) the love is still there. Surprisingly enough, girlfriend looked better Tuesday night, "casual", hanging with the Idol kids, versus made up within an inch of her life onstage.

8. Tony Bennett is a good sport.

9. The group sing was ass.

10. One hour result shows are a waste of everyone's time.

The Final Seven

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