April 25, 2007

Loving on Heroes: Television on Speed

Heroes, quite simply, is the bomb. And no pun intended, seeing as how a bomb in New York City is what the show is building up to. After a six week hiatus for seemingly no reason, other than to make us Heroes fans crazy and worry about how we are going to spend our summer without new episodes, Heroes came back on Monday and delivered one kick ass episode.
When we last left off, Mohinder was pinned to the ceiling of his apartment, compliments of Sylar, helplessly watching while Sylar began slicing into Peter's brain. Cool, huh? What Sylar didn't know, before the hiatus, was that Peter picked up Claire's handy ability to heal thyself - - and he immediately began doing so before Sylar could make appetizers of his little gray matter. Peter threw Sylar against a wall, causing Mohinder to fall free from the ceiling, but before Pete and Mo could escape into the much safer environment of New York City, Sylar was back up and ready to fight. Don't you know that crazy people never die easy? Peter immediately makes himself invisible, which rather than freaking Sylar out (he is crazy) makes Sylar mutter with glee "oh, I can't wait to try that power" and I'm thinking "yeah, buddy, you have to kill Peter first and he's pretty much indestructible. Good luck to you." Before I can even finish the thought, though, Sylar has thrown bits of jagged glass throughout the apartment, we see one stick into something, then Peter appears and falls, dead, to the floor. Before Sylar can open up the snack bar on Peter, Mohinder comes out of nowhere with a giant, billboard-esque rolling map and rolls Sylar over. Awesome! It's really too bad the fight is over since obviously Sylar and Peter were in the mood to party. But you have to wonder why Peter would make himself invisible and then stay in the exact same place. Why not run out in the hallway and grab the inevitable fire ax or something? Anything? So Mohinder drags Peter's body out of his chalet (off camera) and takes a taxi, with the corpse in tow, to Mrs. Petricelli's glam apartment. No worries on raising the cab driver's suspicions about toting around a dead body; after all, this is New York City. Mrs. Petricelli is in the midst of telling Claire that she'd better move her ass to Europe, as originally planned, when Mohinder breaks the bad news about Peter dying, but doing so while saving his life. Instead of being proud of her son, Mrs. P. basically tells Mo to get the hell out of her house, after he's put Peter's body on her glamorous chaise, since we wouldn't want Mrs. P to get her hands dirty, would we? Exit Mohinder. Mrs. P cries over Peter. Enter Nathan, who also cries over Peter. Nathan has had a bad day. He's just left a meeting with Linderman, who has told him that Nathan is destined for the White House, after the bomb goes off in New York City, claiming about 7% of the population. He shows Nathan a painting that Isaac did, with Nathan standing in the Oval Office. Impressive. Linderman also shows Nathan his own "special" ability, which is to heal others. Wow. Is there anyone on this show that doesn't possess special abilities? Ando? Boy, do I feel like an underachiever.
So back to Nathan. He storms out on Linderman, only to come home and find Peter with a chunk of glass stuck in his brain. Thank goodness for Claire. She has the sense to pull it out of Peter's head and what do you know? Peter comes back to life. So obviously the only thing that will kill Peter (or Claire) is some impediment to the brain. And the whole ten minutes without oxygen thing obviously doesn't apply since Peter knows where he is.
Meantime, Mr. Bennett is still in lockdown by the evil Eric Roberts. "Claire" comes in but we know it isn't really Claire. It's that shitty shapeshifter Candace, who really needs to be written out pronto. After being appropriately bitchy, Candace exits. Eric Roberts tries to get Mr. Bennett to spill on details, but it's a fruitless effort. After he leaves, Mr. Bennett sends Matt messages telepathically. He instructs Matt on how to get out of his cell, and also bust Ted the Radioactive Guy out of the pokey. By episode's end, all three guys are chowing down in a local diner, with plans to get to New York to find some device to destroy so that the evil Eric Roberts can't GPS their asses.
Mean old Eric Roberts, meanwhile, has intercepted a phone call that Mohinder made to Mr. Bennett and has appeared at Mohinder's apartment. Boy, I hope Mohinder didn't give a big security deposit or he's seriously out some bank. And why would Mohinder come back to his apartment, where Sylar last was? Does he have a death wish? Anyhow, mean Eric Roberts tells Mohinder that Mr. Bennett is no longer with the firm and Mohinder agrees to work with mean Eric Roberts to find Sylar. Mohinder really isn't good picking partners, is he?
Sylar, meanwhile, found Isaac's name and address on the floor at Mohinder's pad and is after a little snacky. Isaac has been painting the bomb and his own death for weeks and is ready for Sylar to show up. He's ready meaning that he does absolutely nothing to protect himself and allows Sylar to munch on his head. Buh-bye, Isaac. Sylar then goes to a blank canvas and begins to paint a truly horrifying, elementary level picture. I guess while Isaac's ability to foresee the future translates to Sylar once he digests Isaac's brain, the talent to paint does not.
So back in Vegas, D.L. has apparently figured out how to tell Jessica and Niki apart and besides wondering exactly when he figured this out, I'm thinking "It's about freaking time!" So D.L. tells Jessica/Niki that he's taking Micah and there's nothing she can do about it. Um, D.L. . . remember last time that happened? Jessica/Niki took a shot at you with an automatic weapon. So he leaves, without Micah, of course and Linderman shows up wanting Micah. Jessica/Niki says no way and storms out. Next thing you know, Jessica/Niki is handing poor Micah off to Linderman - - turns out that Jessica/Niki is really Candace the Shitty Shapeshifter and I honestly hope that when Jessica/Niki finds out that Micah is gone and Linderman has him, she goes absolutely apeshit postal on Candace's ass.
So, anyhow, Hiro and Ando get the very end of the episode, being five years in the future, in a desolate and destroyed New York City. Hiro thinks to go and find Mr. Eeeee-sack and instead encounters his future, warrior, bad ass self in Isaac's former loft. Cool!
Previews look promising. If you haven't sampled Heroes, you really must do so. This is television. This is your television on speed. Welcome to the world of Heroes.