April 3, 2007

Travolta Continues Serving His Time

John Travolta has been a member of the Church of Scientology for 32 years (!) and yet I think he's talking more about the controversial cult, uh, "religion" in the wake of the "Wild Hogs" premiere than since 1977. Why so wordy, John? Could it be punishment for bussing the manny last year? Or worse, bussing the manny and getting caught on film? Tsk, tsk.
JT has claimed, through MSN, that Scientology has helped him through life. Unsaid, though, is the claim that Scientology has also helped him into several psychotic breakdowns. Says JT:

"We're all over the world and we go out of our way to help people whether it's
natural disasters or personal help with their lives. And I've always found it an
enormous help and tool for me to survive better."
Yep, sure. I don't know if Scientology is a tool to help you survive better, but I do know that it will turn you into a massive tool. Just ask Tom Cruise. But there's more!

"Right from the start I always had a wherewithal because of their help to never
self-destruct. I could always use the tools to better myself and become more
able and more in communication with people and have more fun."

Okay, so if that's true, why is my brain on the verge of exploding from reading this wordy quote? If this is an example of better communication due to Scientology, holy crap, what kind of state was JT in before the CO$ got their meat hooks into him? And somehow, Scientologist and "fun" just doesn't go together. But let's continue, JT.

When asked about the headline-hitting claims that followers have to stay silent
during childbirth, Travolta said: "It's pretty simple stuff really. All it is,
is when there's a lot pain involved in a birth, and there can be for the baby
and for the wife, often verbiage is recorded in the mind.
Noise is different
than verbiage. Screams if you have to is fine — it's the content or meaning of
the word that could have impingement later on in life.
Even when a person
has an accident or hurts themselves it's just better to be quiet."

I just love it when a man finds it necessary to state how "important" it is for a woman to be silent during childbirth. The next time a man has a fully developed fetus pass through the birth canal, he can voice his own personal opinion about how childbirth should be. Until then, shut up.
And JT, I really like you, I do, but you're telling me that if someone came up to you, and socked you squarely in the nose, you wouldn't say "oh sweet jesus, that hurts!" Please. Everyone I know who has stubbed their toe lets out a yelp and I don't know of anyone who has lost a toe due to a screaming "impingement".

Travolta, who flew himself to London in his own private plane, revealed he
wanted to play James Bond.
"I wanted to do James Bond although this new guy
is awesome. He's fantastic. He's the one I've liked the most since Sean
(Connery)," Travolta said.

Okay, it's official. JT is crazy as hell. Not Tom Cruise-level crazy, but I think the dude has spent one too many days in the sauna. JT as James Bond? Riiiiiiiight. I like JT, but what's his version of Bond going to woo the ladies with? His intense knowledge of Dianetics and wogs and body thetans? The history of disco? Ugh. There are no words.

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Anonymous said...

Fab article!

"I wanted to do James Bond although this new guy
is awesome. He's fantastic. He's the one I've liked the most since Sean."

Heh heh. ;->