May 2, 2007

Idle Chatter

Another Hollywood marriage bites the dust! JENNIFER ESPOSITO and BRADLEY COOPER (yeah, I don't really know who they are either) are calling it a day after all of four months of marriage. Interestingly enough, Esposito is asking for spousal support in her divorce papers, but requesting that Cooper receive no support and pay for her legal fees (of which she'd have very few if she didn't ask for spousal support). Didn't she appear in Crash? She probably made more money from that one role than I've made in ten years of working, so why does she need spousal support? Because Bradley Cooper gave her a lifestyle during all four months of their marriage that she'd like to maintain? Esposito's rep has said the standard and dull line about his/her client wanting her privacy at this time, which is pretty darn funny because most celebrities want privacy about as much as the normal person wants herpes. Cooper's mouthpiece has called the split "mutual" and says the couple have been separated "for quite a while". Does time move super fast in Hollywood? Can anyone legitimately call any length of time under four months "quite a while"? Were they separated before they actually married? I'm baffled.

Breaking news!! KATEBOT actually turns up on the set of her movie Mad Money! Unbelievable as it may seem, she is actually doing some sort of something down in Shreveport for her first post-TomKat film. According to LifeStyle magazine, she was seen "flirting" with co-star Adam Rothenberg and as evidenced from the attached picture, the paid and programmed allegedly legally bound property of The Little General, looks close to death from the near encounter of a male other than her employer. Could the KateBot be in need of recharging, reprogramming or a new battery? Highly unlikely. Knowing The Little General, his contracts are iron-clad and we all know how much KateBot loves shopping at Barney's with his American Express.

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