May 17, 2007

L.A. County Jail is Run By a Bunch of Spineless Ass Kissers

Perhaps even more shocking than Melinda's shocking boot from American Idol is Paris Hilton having her jail sentence cut by 22 days due to "good behavior". I'm sorry, please excuse my mentally slow behavior, but don't you actually need to be in jail, serving your sentence, to earn time off due to good behavior? Jail officials, besides needing to have their brains checked for actual presence, have credited Paris' appearance at her latest court date as a sign of good behavior, per MTV. So now all you have to do is show up for a court-ordered appearance and that's good behavior? If I write the check but don't actually mail it, is it considered paid by my creditors? Seriously, this celebrity special treatment is getting out of hand.
Further, the Paris-ite of society will serve her time (provided that she doesn't get more days off because, hey, as far as we know she doesn't run a child prostitution ring!) in a special needs housing unit, apart from the general population. At least someone is admitting that Paris Hilton has "special needs".