May 15, 2007

Paris in the Pink?

Could it be true? Phoenix is crazy enough to take on Wonky Eyed Paris? "Sheriff Joe" Arpaio, who runs the controversial "Tent City" facility outside of Phoenix where inmates are forced to wear striped uniforms, pink underwear, and serve in chain gangs, says he's spoken to L.A. jail officials and offered to take Paris off their hands for her sentence. If this is true, I suggest that June 4 should be considered "Sheriff Joe Day" in observance for his selfless act for humanity - - with the government and state offices closing of course, so I can get another built-in vacation day.
Thank God for Phoenix and their "eff celebrities" mindset.
In related news, Paris' psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Sophy, is all kinds of genius. He filed a postponement of a civil trial in which Paris was named as defendant due to the fact that Paris is a dumb ho. He said that she "cannot effectively respond to examination as a witness or provide any significant input into her defense." The fact that Paris isn't effective is certainly not news to me and shouldn't be to anyone with at least one or two functioning brain cells. Since when is being emotionally distressed a valid defense to postpone a trial? Isn't everyone who is being sued emotionally distressed? Yet, again, another example of celebrity exception.
And a truly bizarre and obvious Paris spotting this weekend - - she was spotted at a Catholic church in Beverly Hills, dressed in virginal (ha!) white. Bitch, please. Trying to cut a deal with God now isn't going to work.