May 8, 2007

Waiting for the Dina Denial

Nothing says "classy" like snorting coke off a toilet seat

Because you know it's going to come. After all, we are talking about a woman who doesn't give a rat's ass about winning Mother of the Year so long as her golden ticket stays in the press and wins that elusive Oscar (ha!).
So the picture totally doesn't surprise me. Is anyone surprised that LiLo is still addicted, still imbibing, still hoovering up coke like it's going out of style? Is it really that shocking that her Wonderland stay didn't take? Or that LiLo is jetting across country to New York to "f*ck Jude Law"?
What is shocking is the Lohan Camp's silence up to this point. Having her rep deny the validity of the picture would be a waste of air, since it's clearly LiLo. Will this lead to another intervention for the troubled starlet? Will she try a rehab facility that doesn't have the "attendance optional" policy, or a drive-thru window?
And does Dina even care? Really, this woman makes the stage mother of Judy Garland look like Mary Poppins. She's tried to carve out a career of her own, by virtue of simply being the birth mother of LiLo, with no discernable talent except for being a bitch on wheels with an unbelievably ferocious capacity for denial. Remember, this is the woman who compared her oldest child to Princess Diana and claimed that LiLo wasn't really an addict, she simply needed to reign it in a little bit. I fully expect to hear Dina once again berate the press for harassing her daughter, despite the fact that her daughter has publicly claimed to enjoy the media attention (a trait she obviously inherited from her mother), and claim that LiLo is just a normal 20 year old acting like any other 20 year old does.
Speaking of LiLo's rep, how horrendous of a job must that be? Cleaning up LiLo's cross country messes, keeping her image decent enough to remain employed and dealing with the uber-beast of Dina Lohan? Oh, hell no. Hell freaking no.

Promising actress or porn star?