June 8, 2007

The Greatest Picture Ever

Source: TMZ
This ranks up there with O.J.'s mug shot. Finally, finally . . . the County of Los Angeles shows some backbone and serves Sheriff Lee Baca his ass on a silver platter. We can only hope that Sheriff Baca will find himself unemployed at the next election.
Here is little Princess Paris . . . for once, not getting her own way. She got sprung yesterday, much to the dismay of . . . oh, everybody! Bitch claimed, through her spokesho, that she was suffering from some sort of medical problem that prohibited her from being in jail. Really? It's that easy to get out of jail? Crap, I hope Charles Manson doesn't find out.
So Paris was sent home with a lovely ankle bracelet and a basic slap on the wrist and told she would be under house arrest. That's house arrest as in West Hollywood spread, not The Big House.
When original court judge Michael Sauer heard the news, he blew a gasket. He ordered Princess Paris to appear back in court this morning. Word had it that Princess Paris was going to teleconference in her appearance. So sure she'd be allowed to remain home, I suppose. Ha! Sorry, missy, obviously Judge Sauer isn't in bed with Sheriff Baca. He sent a cop car to pick the little princess up and, in handcuffs, the heiress was hauled back into court, where Judge Sauer sent her privileged, infected ass back to the slammer! Go, Judge Sauer! I love you, Judge Sauer!
Early reports are saying that Princess Paris was screaming "Mom! Mom!" as she left the courtroom in tears, allegedly physically escorted by a female deputy. Her rationalizing mother, Kathy, told reporters "I'm paralyzed right now." If she's talking about her brain paralyzed from functioning properly, I'll buy that. She's probably shocked that her gazillion dollars couldn't buy her pampered, spoiled little brat out of prison. Ha!
I love this kind of news. Wonder if the Lynnwood prison will have a big sign that says "Welcome Home, Paris!" Hee!

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