June 26, 2007

Nobody Loves Chachi?

Source: Yahoo

Scott Baio is scraping the bottom of the barrel. I cannot believe this is what my girlhood crush (well, besides Bo and Luke from Dukes of Hazzard and Ponch from CHiPs and Shaun Cassidy) has come to.

SB has hooked up with VH1 to bring us what will surely be a stellar piece of reality t.v. entitled 45 . . . and Single. The name alone should make anyone cringe, but for those that are interested (interested in the show or interested in seeing SB's spectacular fall from his former A list status), VH1 cameras will follow SB around as he's instructed by a "life coach" on why he can't commit and he's still single. That one's easy, folks. He has grown up in Hollywood. He's probably doing everyone but divorce lawyers a favor by not marrying because those actors just can't seem to hold marriages together. Anyhow, apparently SB will be forced to confront his former flames as to why their relationships went bust - - all on tape of course!

No word as to whether or not former flames Pamela Anderson and Heather Locklear will agree to be grilled on tape as to why SB was apparently a piss poor boyfriend.

Seriously, Scott. Rethink this one. Do you really want to burst my bubble by having a former girlfriend air your dirty laundry to the world? Isn't there a Lifetime movie you could be doing instead?


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