July 26, 2007

Ban Michael Vick

Source: Yahoo Sports

As a lifelong devoted animal lover who has had the great honor (to quote that bastion of intelligence, Mrs. Cruise) of being the mommy of three of the greatest, sweetest cats on this earth, an adorable bunny and a friendly, happy dog whose only crime is overshedding, the news of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick's involvement with dogfighting sickened me. Despite being a Falcons fan (hometown team) and acknowledging that Vick is a talented quarterback (when he's not injured), he should have to suffer the consequences of his hideous actions - - and not be any type of role model for children who look up to and admire sports figures. Please click on the below links to sign a petition to request that the NFL suspend Vick without pay while NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell investigates whether Vick violated the NFL's personal conduct policy; and a petition requesting Nike cancel all endorsement deals with Vick. The NFL, Nike and Vick need to realize that these allegations are serious and animal should never be tolerated, at any time or by anyone.
Source: Associated Press

Source: PETA

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