July 18, 2007

Celebrities are crazier than hell

Source: DListed

Yep, celebrities are crazy. Why else does preggo Hollywood act like competitive, bitchy junior high schoolers? Yeah, you named your kid Pilot Inspektor? Well, I can top that! How about Audioscience? Really? Well I’m naming my kid Apple. And Moses. Old school. We’re going with Moxie Crimefighter.
Okay, okay, it’s not like these celebs meet and try to one up each other with their weird, bizarre, schoolyard-ass-kicking names, but I could totally buy it.
The latest in the chain - - and D-list celebrities at best - - Katie Price and Peter Andre. Katie is better known in the U.K. as Jordan and apparently she’s some model or former model across the pond, who has written a smutty book or two (a la Jackie Collins) and has massive implants that she likes to show off. Katie and Peter welcomed a baby girl into this world last month, and despite pimping her pregnancy in a brief reality show, have withheld her name from the public. Early whisperings had Crystal as the front running name, but the popular consensus now is that Andres have burdened their child with the name Bunny. That’s right - -Bunny. As in Bugs. (Could we really have expected anything less cutesy from a couple that color coordinates their outfits? And had a Ken and Barbie themed wedding?)
Don’t hate me, but I don’t dislike this name as much as Apple or Audioscience. It's actually cute - - in a cute-I-would-never-name-my-kid-that kind of way. Poor kid is probably predestined for a career as a stripper or a porn star.

UPDATE: Peter and Katie did not go with the overly cute Bunny. They have instead chosen to name their unsuspecting daughter Princess Tiiamii. Words (nearly) fail me. There is just no excuse for this blatant form of child abuse.

Source: DListed

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