July 18, 2007

Is the Yorkie Hollywood's New Status Symbol?

Source: PopSugar

First, we hear that Britney makes the impulsive (and surely for the Yorkie) unwise purchase of the little terrier pup. Then we are "treated" to pictures of Paris on the beach, with her new (and obviously braindead) boy toy, holding a Yorkie pup. Now we have Tara Reid holding a Yorkie pup on the beach.

What's the deal? Are chihuahuas passé? I guess we should all be thankful that Britney did not choose to pop out another baby Federline, and that Paris and Tara have not yet procreated. But where is PETA? Where is the SPCA? Even the Yorkie Rescue? Shouldn't this put the Yorkie on the endangered species list?

Totally OT, but WTF is going on with Tara's stomach? I thought she was getting that mess fixed? How does something like that happen in the plastic surgery capital of the world? Doesn't L.A. have more silicone and plastic per capita than any other metropolis? Did Tara enter a plastic surgery giveaway from Jenna Jameson? Jeebus.

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