August 27, 2007

Katie Holmes: Spoiled, Insufferable Snot?

Image: DListed

To jump on the bandwagon, Janet Charlton appears to be hot on the trail of Katie Holmes. Says Ms. Charlton:

Katie Holmes flew back (from Germany) via London on a British Airways first
class flight alone recently, and she didn't make any friends on board,
according to another passenger. An hour after take-off the flight attendant
advised passengers to close their windows so people who wanted to, could
sleep. Everyone in first class closed their windows, but Katie refused for
some reason. Hers was the only window with light glaring in and other
travelers were annoyed. When the plane was a few hours outside Los Angeles
and most fliers were awake, Katie decided SHE wanted to nap and asked the
flight attendant to ask people to close their windows. Her fellow travelers
were so irritated by her lack of cooperation earlier that they REBELLED and
deliberately refused to close. This isn't typical behavior for Katie - she's
always been sweet and thoughtful. Was she distracted and oblivious of
others? Or has her marriage changed her?

This behavior does not surprise me at all. Didn't those measly little airline patrons know who Mrs. Mini-Messiah was? Don't they know how exhausting her shopping, posing, shopping, shopping, shopping schedule is? Shopping is much, much harder work than work, people. Anywho, I'm curious to know if Katie was always such a spoiled, indulgent little twit or if being married to the Jesus Christ of Scientology has made her that way. (Although Nicole Kidman was never accused of being downright rude). Perhaps it's Scientology - - the courses are working and Katie now has an inflated sense of self-importance. After all, that describes her diminutive husband to a "T".

Speaking of Ms. Holmes-Cruise, the latest little tidbit to offset the ever-forthcoming Andrew Morton biography on her hubby is that Tommy Boy and Katie share separate bedrooms. For those of us pessimists who doubt the validity of THE GREATEST ROMANCE EVAH this is not surprising news. Heck, I doubt they have ever shared the same wing of their house, much less a bedroom. Allegedly, the pair had their own bedrooms, in separate wings of the Crazy Cruise Compound when the duo began "dating" because with Katie being a good little Catholic girl, it just wouldn't be right. Riiiiiight. If Katie were such a good little Catholic girl, she wouldn't have dated, much less married, a man who had been divorced twice and she wouldn't have turned her back on Catholicism for the crackpot wizardry of Scientology. Besides, isn't the whole point of living together to be sharing a bedroom? Otherwise, aren't you just roommates?

But I digress. The same "source" who provided the press with this ridiculous tall tale also made sure to emphasize that even though Tommy Boy and Katie were occupying separate bedrooms while "dating", Suri was conceived the old-fashioned way. Yep, another blatant black mark against such a good little Catholic girl. Most good little Catholic girls don't get pregnant outside of marriage - - and if they do, they usually marry before the child is born. Whoops, Katie.

So, fast forward to today and apparently the still newly-wed Cruises are sleeping in separate spaces, with the excuse being that Tommy Boy is a noisy snorer and Katie needs her beauty sleep. Now that's rich. Because if they are sleeping apart so Katie can get her beauty sleep, girlfriend needs more than just the standard 8 hours. She needs maybe 800 hours. Has she slept since this farce began? Are under eye bags the new pink?

As if this isn't enough, we are also informed that Katie has decorated her master bedroom in pretty pastel shades, with a carousel and plenty of stuffed animals.

For real. We are talking about a married woman - - at least in name, only. She is nearly 30, and she does have a child. Camp Cruise has been desperate to age Katie - - hence the matronly outfits, the chopping of her hair - - so that the age difference between her and Tommy Boy doesn't seem so great . . . and yet, they go and allow someone to "leak" this story? Carousel? Stuffed animals? Where is the mention about the damn cupcakes? Are they sure they weren't describing Tommy Boy's room by mistake?

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