August 23, 2007

Lohan Gets a Get Out of Jail Free Card

Source: DListed

Despite having her second DUI in just under three months . . . despite partaking in a high speed car chase through Santa Monica, and running countless red lights . . . in a car that was not hers . . .and which she helped herself to, while legally kidnapping the occupants in the back seat (well, two of them, since the third jumped out and she ran over his foot) . . .despite the arresting officers finding cocaine in her pocket . . . Lohan will not be charged with any felonies. It's Hollywood, ya'll! When you're young, and a celebrity . . . well, these things just happen and you really shouldn't be punished like (gasp) an average person would be. After all, as Lohan famously told her hijackees, she's a celebrity and she can do whatever she wants.

Has the Los Angeles County District Attorney always been such a joke? Since when does having prior DUIs work in the guilty party's favor? Since when is a third stab at rehab in six months considered an action worthy of negotiating down from a felony? Jesus Christ, do you have to kill someone in Beverly Hills in order to go to jail?

Oh no, wait . . . I guess you don't.
Source: MSN

I'm wondering how badly Dina "Sore on the Ass of Society" Lohan is going to sue Los Angeles County when Lohan overdoses. Because we know it's coming. It's only a question of how many people she will maim, injure and/or kill before she does.

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