August 16, 2007

O.J. Simpson is a Tool

Source: A Socialite's Life
Being a smarmy, cold-blooded, chickenshit killer is bad enough, but to be painfully and willfully stupid too?

Killer Simpson is back in the news - - just mere weeks after publicly defending Michael Vick in the press. Why was Simpson defending Michael Vick? Who knows. Probably for publicity, since I doubt O.J. keeps up with dog fighting or even football these days.

Months ago, the Brentwood Butcher was shopping a truly tasteless book entitled "If I Did It", where he would outline exactly how he killed his ex-wife and her friend. If he did it, of course. Wink, wink. Snort, snort. And we all know he was acquitted of the criminal charges by the incredibly astute and highly intelligent Los Angeles County jurors. So you would think that O.J. would just mosey off into the Florida sunset, with his golf clubs and golf cart.

Not a chance in hell! After a bunch of legal wrangling and arguments from the Brown and Goldman families, Simpson's sure-to-be Pulitzer Prize worthy tome will be published . . . with the proceeds to go to pay off his huge civil debt to the Goldman family.

This guy really is an idiot. He pulls one of the greatest (and most offensive) legal scams on the justice system by getting away with hacking up two people and rather than fading into quiet obscurity and counting his blessings, he wants to write a book on how he would have done it, if he had done it??? WTH? O.J., are you going to tell us how the Jimmy Hoffa disappearance went down too? Any other "unsolved" crimes out in L.A. that O.J. can help to decipher? Maybe he can collaborate with Mark Fuhrman to write a book on another high profile case!

I seriously hope that Sydney and Justin didn't inherit their father's special brand of stupid.

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