August 28, 2007

Scott Baio Gets Picked Up

Source: CNN
After a considered successful freshman season on VH-1, Scott Baio has been invited back to share more of his dysfunctional and self-absorbed life with amazed viewers. Yes, VH-1 has renewed Chachi's "reality" show . . . and I use that term lightly because even "Rock of Love" seems less staged than the inner workings of the Baio mind.

I was on board with this show, back in July, when it premiered. But then I was treated to the reality of what a complete narcissistic prick Baio really is, how disrespectful he is toward women in general and all my pre-adolescent fantasies of Chachi disappeared. I continued watching because, as they say, you can't turn away from a train wreck. But the show seemed to lose steam and momentum as it went on. Sure, it was fascinating to see what a total loser Baio was in real life. It was fun to see him have his ass handed to him on a platter, in a variety of fashions, by the exes he cheated on. But Baio acted as though he was sentenced to a term of 8 weeks by a life coach, the very coach he himself hired. If he really wanted some serious introspection, why was he acting so aggrieved by every action the doctor asked him to do? Did he really want to change? And did he want to change for Renee, because I felt more genuine affection between Baio and his dog . . . or Baio and his doctor. And did he really change? Despite Doc Ali's assertions to Renee at the end of the show that Baio had changed, and Renee would see it, I myself did not. He didn't seem any closer to understanding why he was/is such a womanizer and why he had such a poor opinion of marriage and women in general.

Despite Baio's so-called proposal of marriage to Renee at the end of the show (although I would hardly call a statement of "I guess I'm ready to marry you" a proposal, but rather an answer to an ultimatum), and her announcement that they were expecting a baby, I just didn't feel like Baio was truly happy about either event. Maybe it was selective editing or perhaps it was in keeping with the running theme of the show, since it's very unlikely that Baio's pronouncement was unrehearsed or unscripted, or that Renee's big "reveal" about the pregnancy was the first Baio had heard about it.

Next season, VH-1 can run with the concept of Baio's impending fatherhood, along with the pressures of the engagement. Will there be any real surprises? Highly doubtful. Baio will bemoan the loss of his independence and probably exhibit as much anxiety over buying baby furniture as he did looking over engagement rings, and lean heavily on his male gaggle of friends to stroke his ego and talk him through the stresses in his life.

The new season goes into production this fall, with six half-hour episodes and three hour-long installments.

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