August 2, 2007

TomKat Goes to Berlin . . . and All They Do is Walk Around a Muddy Field

Source: DListed

Because, as you well know, there is absolutely nothing else to do in Berlin. No shopping for the idle-minded Katie to spend her days in. No parks or playgrounds for the nearly 2 year old Suri to cavort in. So TomKat, with their overabundance of intelligence and common sense, takes a helicopter (because they are so concerned about the environment) to an empty, muddy field to walk around in. I'm not sure which is more laughable - - trying to look like a normal family, while walking around an empty field, while photographers, who just happened to be there, take snaps; or Katie walking around in the mud in her high heeled shoes. Does she not own any tennis shoes or boots? Why does she only break out the heels when her diminutive husband is around? And didn't she get the memo that thick calved women should not wear capris? Particularly ones that are pleated and wide to begin with. Surely a "fashion icon" (snort) like Katie would know this. I shop at Target and I know this. Guess it's true that money does not equal common sense.

And why on earth would you put anything Burberry on your child? No wonder Suri is trying to get away. Of course, these are the people that expect us to believe that Suri is only 15 months old. Maybe in Xenu's world babies age very, very quickly.

Speaking of children, have Bella and Connor been banished to Never Never Land?

Source: D Listed

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