August 24, 2007

Who Knew Jamie Foxx Was So Stupid?

Source: DListed

Seriously. Does anyone other than this mentally-challenged nitwit think that the Michael Vick case is racially motivated? I would laugh except I think JF is being sincere - - in his dumbass way - - along with helping to perpetuate the myth that every black celebrity being charged with a felony is being railroaded. Bitch, please.
JF claims that dogfighting is a “cultural” thing and that “most brothers didn’t know” that it’s against the law (and morally offensive). Further, he thinks that Vick “just didn’t read his handbook on what not to do as a black star”. A-ha! So there are books on that? Is there a chapter on “If you are a black star, do not fight/mutilate/murder animals”? Heck, you would think one of Michael Vick’s good buddies would have given him that book.
This statement just proves how really dumb Jamie Foxx is. Last time I checked, black stars were held up to the same legal standards as white ones (unless you are O.J. Simpson and you’ve just stabbed two people to death). Is JF saying that if Brad Pitt had been in the dogfighting business, there would be a different set of rules? And should Brad Pitt have the handbook on what not to do as a white star?
Furthermore, Michael Vick isn’t from the hood. Okay, well, he’s from Newport News, but he got out. He went to Virginia Tech, which is a good school. He got educated. We’re not talking about this case like he was running some dogfighting business out of someone’s crappy garage. The man bought a property out in a less populated county of Virginia, specifically to breed and fight dogs. So, clearly, although the man is a violent, sociopathic dickwad, he’s not totally stupid.
When will celebrities learn that they really are better off keeping their mouths shut? Just because you played an intelligent person on t.v. or in the movies doesn’t make you one. (Are you listening, Tom Cruise?) Maybe celebrities should have “no comment” tattooed on their hands so they can remember that’s generally the best answer ever.

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