September 12, 2007

American (Prisoner of War) in Paris

The essence of timeless incarceration

Photo Source: Popsugar

Yes, that's right. Katie Holmes is indeed a prisoner of war, the war to fix Tommy Boy's image and convince the movie going public that he does indeed like the ladies as more than just shoe shopping buddies and those nasty rumors about sweaty wrestlers are just that - - nasty rumors. Snort.
Why does the media keep packing on to the Tom Cruise Express? I have nothing against the man personally - - except for his Scientology roots, which I heartily disagree with, and his condescending, authoritative nature about prescription drugs and pregnancy. If Tommy Boy was a mute, he and I would get along just fine. What stymies me is the continued snow job to the public about what a magnificent woman Katie Holmes is and how amazingly in love these two are. Bitches, please. I look with more love and adoration at the Domino's pizza delivery guy that shows up at my house and keeps me from having to cook anything than these two "thespians" do.
Is everyone in the general media blind? Have they not noticed that Ms. Holmes has aged a good 20 years in the past two with Cruise? All these throw-sand-in-your-face excuses about how she's finally come into her own, and how stylish and more self-assured she is, and how gloriously happy are getting redundant. All it takes is a simple comparison of pictures taken of her prior to her Cruise connection and since - - she barely looks like the same woman. If matronly clothes and ever-present bags under the eyes, along with glassy, thousand mile stares are indicative of happiness and true love, Ms. Holmes is being buried under it.
Now, I'm not blaming Tommy Boy (for once). Ms. Holmes knowingly went into this situation and certainly had full use of her faculties (no matter how slim they may be) when she signed on the dotted line. Tommy Boy is rumored to be a pleasant, nice guy to work with, and I have no doubt that's probably true. But I'm sure signing up to believe in Xenu and promote the alienation of body thetans, along with the continual promotion of your relationsham, and playing Mother of the Year to a child that you will not be entitled to once your contract ends and the amicable split notices hit the papers, takes a terrible toll on the body, mind and spirit. Do I feel sorry for Katie? No. She made her decision and I hope being A-list in the gossip rags without being A-list in the theaters is worth the sale of her soul, and the cold turkey cutoff from her family and friends. My sympathy is with her parents, who didn't ask for this, nor deserve it. And with Suri, who didn't ask to be born into such an arranged set up, nor to be the barter for Katie's supposed career.
But I ask again . . . why hasn't the mainstream media questioned why Katie Holmes Cruise, at all times, looks like a case of overdone, baked hell?
Yes, she really is only 28.
Photo Source: Popsugar

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