September 12, 2007

And the Timmy Train Rolls On . . .

Kay Kendall: Not Timmy

Photo Source: Yahoo

Yes, I'm still obsessed. Obsessed with finding out who this actress was so that I can either scratch my head and say "WTF?" or snap and say "I knew it all along!"

A new day, and new hints and clues.

Most importantly, Shimmy was NOT Kay Kendall. And bloggers everywhere gasp and cry. I'm surprised this was revealed this early, but I've never been in the Kay Kendall camp. I'm still holding to my theory that the actress had to have been from the 1930s. Could be earlier but I doubt it.

EL also states that one very good possibility for Shimmy was discounted much too easily. If you read the comments from the CDAN blog, that possibility could be almost anyone.

I still think Alice Brady is our most likely candidate, but am fully prepared for EL to "NOT" her by the end of the week.

The quest continues . . . Alice Brady: Our gal?
Photo Source: Yahoo

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