September 19, 2007

Countdown to the Big Timmy Reveal

Source: Yahoo
It's Wednesday and that means Ent. Lawyer is going to reveal who Timmy/Shimmy was.

Last week, he not-ted Marie Dressler, Mary Pickford, Luise Rainer and Susan Kohner. He also not-ted Robert Moore and George Noisom as Timmy and informed us that the big award was not a Golden Globe. For further clarification, he said the award was indeed an Academy Award and to think of Noah's Ark and water as a clue. WTH that means I have no idea.

I am still thinking that Alice Brady is our lady, but as far as who her male counterpart is you could tell me Lassie or Wally Beery and I'd believe it at this point.

I sure hope Ent. Lawyer posts before 5 p.m. so I can read the reveal, freak out over whoever it is, wonder how on earth I couldn't figure it out, remind myself how dense I must be and then go back to work.

The NOT-ted ladies
Photos: Yahoo

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