September 11, 2007

How Much Longer Until Brit's Intervention?

Photo Source: Celebitchy

Maybe Britney Spears' fall from Hollywood grace hasn't been as craptastic or felony-inspired as Lohan's, but make no mistake, girlfriend is in trouble. A year ago, we thought it was because of her ill-advised marriage to Kevin Federline, and the resulting two young-uns she quickly produced. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying those children were a mistake, unlike Ms. Spears herself and Sarah Silverman. But I do think Britney wasn't nearly ready to become a full-time mother, much less to two children within the span of two years.

Sunday night's performance at the VMAs was embarrassing, shocking, shameful, humiliating and cringe-worthy. This is what Brit was supposedly working on for weeks? And with illusionist-publicity whore Criss Angel? After watching her painful "performance", it's obvious that what Brit was working on was Criss Angel. Officially, the word is that the mirrors and illusions that were allegedly going to be used were scrapped the day before by MTV, out of fear of insurance requirements and possible lawsuits. Sound fishy? Probably because it is. MTV isn't likely to wait until the day before an awards show to get the lowdown on the performers' acts. Brit and Angel were using smoke and mirrors in the hope that they would provide a rational explanation for what was really nothing more than some booty calls, plain and simple. Since the disastrous awards show, it's been reported that Brit showed up hours late for her rehearsal prior to the event, and showed up with margarita in hand. Doesn't bode well for her future performance. She allegedly refused to do the more intense dance moves that were already choreographed for her act and insiders claim that the rehearsals without her were great. MTV also allegedly had an outfit picked out for her, a corset that would have been more forgiving on her post-baby body, but Brit nixed it, feeling it wasn't sexy enough. Enter the spangly shorts and bra that really did her no favors. She also supposedly stumbled in her performance because of Sarah Silverman's jokes at her expense, immediately prior to her opening act. Even if you do think that Silverman was a bit harsh, does Brit really have that soft of skin? It's not like Silverman was the first comic to throw Brit under the bus. And being upset over comments made is one thing, but does that explain Brit forgetting the words to her own song? And giving up even lip synching by the end? Or the fact that she seemed more into running her hand through her hair than she was in actually dancing? Hell, Tommy Boy Cruise exhibited better dance moves last year than Brit could squeeze out.

Was Brit the only one who didn't realize how important this act was for her? Is she that home-grown stupid? Or is she really so ill (mentally, drug-induced or otherwise) that she is incapable of realizing it? Remember, this is the same person who continued to go out in public sans panties, wearing shirts as dresses, inducing questionable amounts of alcohol and having diva-inspired temper tantrums at photo shoots while fighting for custody of her children. A genius she surely ain't, but even stupid people don't run into the burning building. This woman seems hellbent on self-destruction at any cost.

We may have seen the final curtain go down on Britney Spears' career on Sunday. It's one thing to forget the words to your song or screw up your lip synching (ask Ashlee Simpson), but it's quite another to appear not to care. Not to care enough to look ashamed and not to care enough to even show up on time and inject at least a bit of energy or personality into your act.

How much longer before the final curtain is threatening to go down on Britney Spears, period?

Photo Source: via Celebitchy

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