September 19, 2007

J. Lo Not Preggers, Just Bloated

Photo Source: DListed
Because we all know that the slightest bump or bloat on a female celebrity of childbearing age's stomach will start the insane and unstoppable pregnancy rumors, J. Lo was the latest victim of the conception rampage.

The oh-so-reliable In Touch claimed that J. Lo was 12 weeks pregnant, had already had an ultrasound, was possibly pregnant with twins, the "miracle" occurred after an attempt at in-vitro fertilization because J. Lo and Marc Anthony had tried everything, even supposedly courting Scientology because we all know how Scientology can fix everything.

Sheesh, you would think with so-called friends this loose-lipped and anxious to talk to the weekly tabloids, you certainly wouldn't need any enemies.

Turns out that In Touch's rumors were just that - - rumors. Mr. Anthony himself claimed that J. Lo wasn't expecting and I'm sure he would know. So Ms. Lopez is safe until next month, or the next time she eats a cheeseburger.

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