September 12, 2007

Jodie Foster is Gunning for Dina Lohan

Photo Source: A Socialite's Life

And my money's on Jodie - - I don't think Dina's bleached blonde hair and mystic tan is any match for the ballsy chick that could take on Hannibal Lector.

Jodie told More magazine that Hollywood bleeds young actresses dry, but these things weren't happening to 17 and 18 year olds when she was in that age bracket. She questioned where Lohan's mother was and damn if girlfriend isn't right! Leave it up to Clarice Starling to get right into the self-proclaimed White Oprah's face and ask the question that should have been asked a long time ago. This is one reason why I love Jodie Foster. Besides the fact that she's an incredibly talented actress who doesn't disgust us or bore us with talk about who she voted for, what her thoughts on the war are or if she believes in body thetans and alien spaceships taking over the free world.

Not to be outdone, of course, and because White Oprah can't keep her mouth shut (in addition to being a sore on the ass of society), she responded to Jodie's comment with a typically-Dina Lohan restrained:

"It really saddens me that a mom would comment on another mom without ever
meeting me! Ironically Lindsay's talent was compared to Jodie Foster's as a
little girl! I don't know what Jodie dealt with as a young Hollywood actress but
I do know if it weren't for her mother she would not be a successful actress
today! I'm sure her mother made many sacrifices for her to be successful.
All we want as parents is to cultivate our children's dreams, whatever
field they choose. She has no idea who we are and what we have dealt with! If
she has a question to ask me, don't ridicule me publicly! She should know how
the press twists the truth! Don't judge without facts!"
Uh, yeah. I guess if you count Lindsay's sobriety and innocence, not to mention her soul, I guess Dina did sacrifice those things for Lindsay's "success". Maybe it's just me but the only thing I see White Oprah "cultivating" is the E True Hollywood Story that her daughter's mess of a life is turning into. As far as White Oprah claiming that Jodie shouldn't judge and having no idea who the Lohans are or what they've been through, Jodie can certainly pick up a weekly tabloid like the rest of us and get all the facts. It's not like White Oprah hasn't sold her daughter out repeatedly. Her track record as a mother is pretty clear - - her oldest child is a drug-addicted carjacking ho who is a rehab repeat offender and the jury is still out on up and coming low-rent-LiLo Ali. The facts are becoming pretty clear to me, Dina.
I'm taking Foster for the knockout.
Don't eff with Jodie
Photo Source: More magazine

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