September 19, 2007

Katie Holmes is BEAT

Photo Source: Just Jared
Seriously, girlfriend is Fug, with a capital F. WTH happened? Has she overdosed on niacin? Are the lies and deceit and subterfuge catching up with her? Does she let Tommy Boy cut her hair? It's certainly not from working too hard because Katie hasn't had a job in months now . . . oh wait, unless you count her "I'll masquerade as your wife if you give me your American Express" job that she has with the Mini Messiah.

Here she is, in all her dazed, vacant and fug glory in Berlin, with the 2 year old Miracle Child and her parents, the Holmeses, who are probably wondering who the strange robot is in their daughter's shoes.
Again, I ask, WTH happened? Is this what "loving" Tommy Boy Cruise does to you - - ages you a decade each year you are with him? And by "loving", of course, I mean signing on the dotted line in exchange for a piece of the Hollywood pie. Daaaaaayumn, at this rate, Katie will look more beat than Brooke Astor by next year and girlfriend is dead!

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