September 21, 2007

Marcia and Jan?????

The greatest t.v. family of all time
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As very much a child born at the end of the 60s, I loved The Brady Bunch to the point of obsession. Unlike other kids born in the 60s, I still love it. I love the cheesy nature of the show, I love how none of the Bradys seemed to need any outside friends, they lived quite happily in their insular little 1970s house, with six kids sharing a bathroom (talk about a nightmare). I love too how every problem was solved in twenty-two minutes and the biggest problem the Bradys faced, besides the kids' godawful attempts at folk music, was Greg (gasp!) smoking. Of course we all know that Greg would never, ever inhale.

In the early 90s, Barry Williams (Greg, duh!) wrote a book, aptly titled Growing Up Brady. In it, he dished the dirt on how he was hot for t.v. mom Florence Henderson and even went out on a date with her. Nothing too tawdry, since Flo looked at it as a sympathy date and threw the then-teen a bone.

Not to be outdone, Maureen McCormick (Marcia, duh!) has a tell-all biography coming out next year and she hashes that she had not only a crush on her t.v. sister, Jan but admits they had a "romance" that led to some sort of sexual play.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Knock me over with a groovy pair of bell bottoms why don't you?
I am shocked, absolutely shocked and cannot imagine what Mike and Carol would have to say about this.

Guess Marcia and Jan weren't so innocent after all.

Marcia and Jan: Then and Now
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