September 13, 2007

The National Association for the Blind Names Katie Holmes a Fashion Icon

Presenting Katie and her tree trunk legs!
Photo Source: Free Katie

Not really, but they might as well have since it would take legally blind people to find Mrs. Tommy Boy the slightest bit fashionable or anything close to an icon.

The real culprit is People magazine, who probably could be considered legally blind since they are so far up Mr. and Mrs. Cruise's asses. I'd really like to know how much of the Kool Aid they are drinking and how much Tommy Boy is paying them, as I consider Kool Aid Katie "fashionable" only for the over-80, early bird special group.

Just to keep People's bestowment in proper perspective:

Photo Sources: Free Katie

Oh yeah, girlfriend is HAWT. Hot for a mindless zombie. Truly, I feel like I've been on an acid trip after viewing these photos. Who else in the same year would wear Gloria Swanson's turban, Grandma's curtains, a wrinkly old bathrobe, a dress designed by Kleenex, an old black prom dress and Tommy Boy's pants? Fashion icon, my ass. I would say she's a fashion victim but I think she's honestly victimizing the clothes.

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