September 25, 2007

O.J.'s Girlfriend is Not a 'Ho!

He loves her for her brains . . . both of them.
Photo Source: Cele/bitchy

Or so says her mother. In the wake of O.J.'s newest legal troubles, Cathy Bellmore, mother to the Brentwood Butcher's girl-toy, Christie Prody has rushed to her daughter's defense via the media (what else?). Ms. Bellmore helpfully informed the Daily News that her daughter isn't the type to fool around with the household help, after reports surfaced that Nicole-lookalike Christie cheated on the murdering O.J. with his gardener. O.J., true to form, allegedly confronted the gardener in his home, in a rage, threatening to kill him. Well, you know, for O.J. killing the person just solves all the problems.

Ms. Bellmore continued that Christie "never cheated on a boyfriend before" and that O.J. was only her second boyfriend. How sweet . . . if her second boyfriend is the only suspect in a vicious double murder, I'd hate to see what her first boyfriend was like.

So okay, Ms. Prody isn't a 'ho. But dating someone like O.J. (who she met immediately after the double murders) proves she isn't much of a genius either.

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