September 28, 2007

Rumer Willis is Charitable

Because she allowed the Louis Braille Institute of Hair Design free reign on her head. How else to explain this monstrosity?

Let's be honest here. Brutally honest. Rumer Willis is not good looking. Even on her best pre-blonde Brillo pad day. Not unless you're into live Japanese anime figures. And bleaching your hair the color of a scarecrow's body parts, and bleaching it until it literally looks like it's screaming in pain, is not the best way to make lemonade out of what God gave you.

I'm a bitch, I know. But Rumer Willis has always confuzzled me. She has two attractive parents. Bruce Willis was the hot during his Moonlighting and Die Hard days and he's still an attractive man. Demi Moore was and is pretty - - although the fact that she looks closer to Rumer's age than Rumer does due to her half a million dollars in cosmetic surgery is a bit freaky. Maybe Demi should have thrown her kid a bone and given the cool half mil to Rumer, who needs it. Because how did the child of two nice looking people end up so weird looking? This is what I would expect the kid of the Mini Messiah to look like - - asymmetrical, weird and a bit evil.
Photo Source: DListed

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